The Webroot protection software to protect your device from online damages is among the best protection software available out in the market. It safeguards the device and makes sure that it is virus and threat free by scanning it regularly. You can purchase the software from your nearby retail store or simply download it from webroot.com/safe sitting at your place only.

What are the steps for Webroot Safe Download ?

Downloading a webroot for your windows or mac device with the given below steps is much easier. Follow them orderly:

➥ For Windows

1. Create an account on the online web portal of webroot.com/safe, where you can manage the security on your device and access your secure password.
2. After you click Webroot Download Now, click save and make note of where the file is saved to your computer.
3. Double-click the file to start installation.
4. Continue to follow the instructions. It is successfully downloaded on your device. 

➥ For Mac

1. Firstly download the webroot.com/safe to your Mac.
2. To open the installer Double-click on Webroot Application.
3. In the application folder Drag the Webroot icon.
4. Double-click on the folder icon to open Application.
5. To begin activation Double-click on the Webroot icon in the application folder.
6. Enter your Webroot Keycode and click the activation button in the first activation window.
7. Enter your Apple system password and click OK to confirm the installation. 

Installing Webroot Safe -

1. First of all, open any of your preferred browsers.
2. After that in the url box users need to type www.webroot.com/safe.
3. Then, one page will appear saying welcome to webroot.
4. There you need to type your Email and 20 digit keycode and click on next.
5. Now, a file will start downloading automatically.
6. Therefore, save and run wsa installer file to activate your webroot.
7. Finally, put your 20 digit key code and done.

What is the Procedure for Activating Webroot Antivirus?

Here is the simplest way through which you can easily activate your webroot antivirus:

1. Go to webroot safe website www.webroot.com/safe from your browser.
2. Sign in to the Webroot account with your Credentials.
3. Enter your Webroot Key code and have 20 digits.
4. Click on the Next button to register your Webroot product.
5. Accept the Agree and Install button to proceed.
6. Finally your Webroot safe is activated successfully.